Customs Agency Vanderbiest provides the entire pre-registration of new and used vehicles



Since 12 November 2015, a new process of pre-registering new vehicles in the Central Vehicles Database was introduced. This database is intended to enable vehicles to be traced throughout their lifecycle. Pre-registration of new vehicles is carried out based on data contained in the European certificate of conformity (COC).

Pre-registration is required for new and used imported vehicles, and for new vehicles assembled in Belgium in categories M, N, O and L. This compulsory pre-registration can happen following customs clearance with the issue of a vignette 705. Only after customs clearance and pre-registration have been completed can the vehicle be registered via WebDIV.

Since then, the requirement to pre-register imported used cars (not yet registered in Belgium) has been introduced. Using the foreign vehicle registration document, we can handle the pre-registration quickly for you, so that the vehicle can be registered online by the insurance company.

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Pre-registration = entering the technical data of an individual vehicle in the Central Vehicles Database (CVD). Once a vehicle has been pre-registered, the vehicle can be registered immediately via WebDIV (provided that it also has a vignette 705).


Using the Certificate of Conformity, we can carry out the pre-registration. Three steps are necessary to obtain a number plate:

  1. the vehicle must be cleared through Customs (vignette 705);
  2. the vehicle must be pre-registered;
  3. the vehicle must then be registered online via an insurance broker.

Pre-registration of electric bicycles

From now on, certain categories of electric bicycles, known as speed pedelecs, must have a number plate in Belgium, and so need to be registered. For some years now, the DIV has only been accepting registrations via the Internet, via the WebDIV application, with a certain number of exceptions. Registrations that can be made via WebDIV are not allowed to be submitted over the counter at the DIV.

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