Customs Agency VDB Transit provides the entire pre-registration of new and used vehicles




Pre-registration is the addition of a vehicle's technical data to the Vehicle Crossroads Bank (KBV). This database must make it possible to trace vehicles during their entire life cycle.

Since 12 November 2015, the pre-registration of new vehicles in the Crossroads Bank has started and as from 1 July 2019, imported second-hand vehicles from the EU (not yet registered in Belgium) must also be pre-registered. On the basis of the foreign registration (certificate), we can carry out pre-registration for you quickly, so that the car can be registered online by the insurer.


  • The pre-registration of new vehicles is based on the data mentioned on the European certificate of conformity (COC). This can be done for categories M, N, O and L.
  • The pre-registration of second-hand imported vehicles can be carried out on the basis of the foreign registration certificate (if available also the European certificate of conformity). This for all the above categories except L.
Requests can be processed by email

There are 4 necessary steps to obtain a license plate:

STEP 1 : the vehicle must be customs cleared (E705)

STEP 2 : the vehicle must be pre-registered

STEP 3 : the second-hand vehicle must be technically tested

STEP 4 : the vehicle must be registered online via an insurance broker


Only in the above order can the vehicle be registered online. For all requests that are not processed through the WEBDIV, you can always call on our services. We make an appointment with the DIV and offer the file for processing.

From now on, all non-registered vehicles will be refused at the counters of the DIV!

Pre-registration of electric bicycles

From now on, certain categories of electric bicycles, known as speed pedelecs, must have a number plate in Belgium, and so need to be registered. For some years now, the DIV has only been accepting registrations via the Internet, via the WebDIV application, with a certain number of exceptions. Registrations that can be made via WebDIV are not allowed to be submitted over the counter at the DIV.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the pre-registration of your vehicle.