E705, All export, transit and customs formalities plus number plates for new and used cars.

Customs Agency VDB Transit for your export, transit and customs formalities

Customs Agency VDB Transit was established in 1949. From Day One, we have been able to earn the trust of our Belgian and foreign customers. Since 1993, we have also specialised in applications for various transit plates for exporting cars. We can give you expert advice when importing and exporting all your goods. All additional questions about imports and exports are answered by phone. We would be glad to welcome you to our office in Dadizele.

Transit places

Transit plates

For all your transit plates for importing or exporting your car(s) or other vehicle(s), get in touch with Customs Agency VDB Transit.



Since November 2015, all vehicles have had to be pre-registered in order to make them more traceable. Customs Agency VDB Transit will take care of everything for you.

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