Customs Agency VDB Transit is your daily courier service to DIV (the Belgian vehicle licensing authority) for Belgian number plates

Customs Agency VDB Transit

This service is mainly for applying for Belgian number plates which cannot be sent online via WebDIV. Such as imported cars, motorcycles, taxis, classic cars, vehicles with short chassis numbers, Z-plates, personalised number plates, etc.

Your original number plate will be sent to you by post within a few days, (upon full acceptance of your file by the DIV) thus avoiding a lengthy wait. All you have to do is get the following documents to us by 09 a.m.:

  • Registration application (pink) form, completed and signed by the new owner plus the sticker from your insurance company
  • Original vehicle registration document or, if that has been lost, a valid declaration of loss from the police
  • Copy of the new owner's identity card (two-sided).
  • If appropriate, a copy of the European certificate of conformity.

We can also supply the whole package for you (except for the insurance part):

  • Production of the vignette 705 (request import documents from Customs)

  • Pre-registrations

  • Official technical inspection of the vehicle

  • Registration application to DIV

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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